Net Sinker from Higby Cave, Southwestern Idaho

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Though evidence of the role of fishing in aboriginal subsistence in southwestern Idaho has increased in recent years (see Plew and Plager 1998), it is based largely upon recovery of fish remains (Huelsbeck 1981, Pavesic, Follet and Statham 1987; Plew 1980; Plew and Sayer 1994; Plew and Plager 1998). Little in the way of fishing gear has been described for southern Idaho. Exceptions include the fishing gear recovered at Schellbach Cave No. 1 (Schellbach 1967; Pavesic et al. 1987) which includes harpoon points, possible net sinkers, a length of rope and a fishhook and net sinkers from sites 10-AA-1S (see Swanson and Tuohy 1960), 1 0-AA-176, 1O-AA-188 (see Sayer, Plager and Plew 1996), 1 0-AA-198, 10-0E-23 (see McCabe 1998), Though fishing gear or equipment has been reported throughout the Southern Plateau and Great Basin (Johnston 1987, Greenspan 1990; Sappington 1997; Tuohy 1990) reporting of fishing gear has been rare. This may reflect sampling or recovery methods or failure to identify the function of items used in fishing activities as is implied by the recent suggestion that Bliss points are fishing spears (see Yohe, Pavesic and Reed 1996).

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