A Biface Cache Near Givens Hot Springs, Southwestern Idaho

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This paper describes a biface cache found by Mr. George Scott opposite Givens Hot Springs near Marsing, Idaho. The bifaces were discovered in 1960 as exposed in a small wash formed by wastewater flowing into the Snake River from a farmer's field next to Highway 25. A cache of 14 bifaces were concentrated within a twenty centimeter area. These occurred approximately 20 cm. below the surface and appeared to have been disturbed by agricultural activity. The cache is of interest as Thomas Green (personal communication) discovered a cache of eight items from a large trash feature associated with House No.2 dating around 4200 B.P. at site 10-0E-16 (see Green 1982). All items were found in contact, suggesting they were in a small pouch. The cache includes what appear to be both blanks and preforms made from green siltstone and a charcoal colored chert. These items measure approximately 8-5.5 em in length while two smaller obsidian items may represent completed artifacts.

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