A Collection of Pottery Sherds from Higby Cave, Southwest Idaho

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During the past eighteen years the author has examined numerous private collections containing pottery sherds. Often these are fragmented non-descript body sherds having no provenience and falling within the range of Intermountain Ware (Butler 1979, 1986). Occasionally a distinctive collection of sherds of known provenience surfaces and deserves description. This brief note describes a small collection of 42 sherds from Higby Cave (1 0-AA-40) in the desert south of Boise, north of the Snake River (see Figure 1). Higby Cave, which is well known to loca l residents, was investigated by Mario Delisio in the late 1970's. The sherds reported here were collected by Mr. Roy Robinson sometime in the early 1960's in basalts exposed around the opening of the cave. The pottery is reported to have been collected from a relatively small area suggesting that the sherds are fragments of a single pot.

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