Katharine Coles

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Richard Howard

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In her collection The One Right Touch, Utah poet Katharine Coles explores the sometimes delicate, sometimes sinewy workings of relationships between men and women. Lovers, spouses, brothers and sisters, as well as fathers and daughters are represented here as Coles speaks to each in all their complexity.

The collection includes the prize-winning poem “Sex As A Trope” as well as a longer work entitled “Provisions,” which is made up of ten small poems under the headings of “Hunting,” “Cultivation,” and “Gathering.” The sections interweave the stories of the speaker hunting with her father as a teenager, attending a party as a young woman, and envying her neighbors late blooming roses as an adult. The three stories combine in an elegant, gently haunting flow of memory and image. Coles’ poems evoke the beauty of the natural world while on their way to capturing the strange grace of human relationships.