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To disseminate helpful advice to current and future candidates about the accounting academic job market.


Literature review, interviews with recently hired faculty members, insights from the author’s experiences as both job candidates and search committee members, and discussions with colleagues.


In this chapter, we discuss the current state of the job market for accounting professors and offer our insights as well as those from a group of recent graduates. It is our recent experience that many rookie candidates pursue initial faculty positions with an incomplete understanding of many aspects of the market, including how the market clears, job expectations, and other issues that we believe are important. While others have adequately addressed the importance of research in the profession and alluded to some aspects of the market, we provide additional useful information about the market and other career aspects in order to assist new graduates in their quests to find fulfilling appointments. Our chapter complements existing literature to form an updated and more complete picture of the market and profession.

Practical Implications:

This chapter helps prepare candidates for the job market by providing information and advice that complements advice given in Ph.D. programs and the existing literature.

Social Implications:

Candidates entering the job market will better understand the nuances of the market and can make more informed decisions about the institutions that best meet their needs.

Originality/Value of Article:

The chapter provides important practical advice for job seekers about the accounting academic job market not available elsewhere.


Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations is volume 18 of the Advances in Accounting Education series.

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