Books from 2013


Women's Voices on American Stages in the Early Twenty-First Century: Sarah Ruhl and Her Contemporaries, Leslie Atkins Durham

Submissions from 2009

Found Images and Networked Americas in the Builders Association’s Alladeen, Leslie Atkins Durham


Theatre Lives, Leslie Atkins Durham and Sally H. Shedd

Submissions from 2008


Lisa Kron: Facing and Placing Lesbian Identity on New York Stages, Leslie Atkins Durham

Submissions from 2005

Performing Gertrude Stein: Faith Ringgold’s Signification on Primitivism in The French Collection, Leslie Atkins Durham


Staging Gertrude Stein: Absence, Culture, and the Landscape of American Alternative Theatre, Leslie Atkins Durham

Submissions from 2002

A Pop Parade of American Fantasy: Staging National Identity in The Mother of Us All, Leslie Atkins Durham