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Pressure Support Ventilation
L. J. Ashworth


Intra-Bariant Substructure in N–Mn–Ga Martensite: Conjugation Boundaries
Brittany Muntifering, R. C. Pond, L. Kovarik, N. D. Browning, and Peter Müllner


Ah Receptor–Mediated Suppression of Liver Regeneration Through NC-XRE–Driven p21Cip1 Expression
Daniel P. Jackson, Hui Li, Kristen A. Mitchell, Aditya D. Joshi, and Cornelis J. Elferink


I Am What I Am? The Baller Identity Measurement Scale (BIMS) with a Division I Football Team in American Higher Education
C. Keith Harrison, Laurel Traynowicz, Scott Bukstein, Ginny McPherson-Botts, and Suzanne Malia Lawrence


The Relationship Between Flow Facies and Topographic Obstacles in the Zuni-Bandera Lava Field, New Mexico
Hester von Meerscheidt, Joshua Bandfield, Jacob Bleacher, Christopher W. Hamilton, and Andrew de Wet


Voltage Gating Interactions of the Protein Lysenin with Metal Ions in an Artificial Lipid Bilayer
Tyler Clark, Sheenah Bryant, Steve Fossland, Eric Krueger, Charles Hanna, and Daniel Fologea


Molecular Modification of CNT Junctions
Hanna Meinikheim, Angela "Nikki" Chang, and Kari McLaughlin


Comparing and Informing Morphological Species Identifications and Boundaries in Arthropod Gut-dwelling Protists Using Molecular Phylogenetic Analyses
Mason Hinchcliff, Nicole Reynolds, Eric Tretter, Dustin Heeney, Justin Gause, Tyler Pickell, and Prasanna Kandel


Experimental Philosophy--An Emerging Discipline
Lauren Stevens, Drew Lindgren, Jared Talley, Kyle Brasil, Travis Bundy, Sara Couture, and Patrick Beach


Green Breakthrough Using Design Thinking - Student Services Center
Phillip Cravens, Emily Berg, Daniel Jefferson, and Semone Schultz


Peru Telemedicine Website Development Project
Jose Garcia, Tanveer Morshed, Sean Wakeley, and Christopher Llyod


Tshiluba Language Structures
Vanessa Rosenbaum, Kelli Billings, Janessa Gohn, Libby Holcomb, Jessica Lahey, Jessica Milanez, Kelly Nuttall, Tyler Scoggins, Kristen Smith, Stephanie Todd, Jake Young, Albert Romain Bantumbakulu Mukuna, and Daniel Miko-Mikyene

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