Most Recent Additions


RT-DSP Using ”See Through”
Cameron H. G. Wright, Thad B. Welch, and Michael G. Morrow


Why I Am An Engineering Major: A Cross-Sectional Study of Undergraduate Students
Louis Nadelson, Dee K. Mooney, Janine Rush-Byers, and Nathan Dean


The Common Core: New Standards, New Teaching
Michael W. Smith, Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, and James Fredricksen


Running to Education
Jacob Rasmussen


What's an Activist
Alexandrea Ellis and Daniel Asbury


Refugees and Activism
Kierra Boschma, Miranda Majors, and Amanda Agrimonti


Service Learning at Mobile Recreation Program
Zach Chini and Claire Sampsel


Artisans for Hope
Amber Idell Dillard


Creating a STEM Identity: Investment with Return
Janet Callahan, Patricia Pyke, Susan Shadle, and R. Eric Landrum


Jason Stonick


The Role of Polyphenols Of Artemisia Nova and Artemisia Wyomingensis in Sage Grouse Dietary Preferences
Andrew H. Nguyen, Graham G. Frye, John W. Connelly, Jennifer S. Forbey PhD, and Carolyn Y. Dadabay PhD


Oncostatin M in Breast Cancer Metastasis
Ken Tawara, Celeste Bolin, Robin Anderson, and Cheryl L. Jorcyk PhD


Mass Spectroscopy
Nisha Shrestha


Micro-Computed Tomography
Josh Eixenberger

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