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Focused Exhumation Along Megathrust Splay Faults in Prince William Sound, Alaska
Peter J. Haeussler, Phillip A. Armstrong, Lee M. Liberty, Kelly M. Ferguson, Shaun P. Finn, Jeanette C. Arkle, and Thomas L. Pratt


Anthropogenic Noise Alters Bat Activity Levels and Echolocation Calls
Jessie P. Bunkley, Christopher J.W. McClure, Nathan J. Kleist, Clinton D. Francis, and Jesse R. Barber


Calculating the Velocity of a Fast-Moving Snow Avalanche Using an Infrasound Array
Scott Havens, Hans-Peter Marshall, Jeffrey B. Johnson, and Bill Nicholson


Peat Formation Concentrates Arsenic Within Sediment Deposits of the Mekong Delta
Jason W. Stuckey, Michael V. Schaefer, Benjamin D. Kocar, Jessica Dittmar, Juan Lezama Pacheco, Shawn G. Benner, and Scott Fendorf


Kinetic Competition During the Transcription Cycle Results in Stochastic RNA Processing
Antoine Coulon, Matthew L. Ferguson, Valeria de Turris, Murali Palangat, Carson C. Chow, and Daniel R. Larson


Bedload Transport in SE Asian Streams—Uncertainties and Implications for Reservoir Management
Alan D. Ziegler, R. C. Sidle, Valerie X.H. Phang, Spencer H. Wood, and Chatchai Tantasirin


The Play Community: A Student-Centered Model for Physical Education
Tyler G. Johnson, Nicole D. Bolter, and Sharon Kay Stoll


The Axiom Scheme of Acyclic Comprehension
Zuhair Al-Johar, M. Randall Holmes, and Nathan Bowler


Decline of the Cheat Mountain Salamander Over a 32-Year Period and the Potential Influence of Competition from a Sympatric Species
Whitney A. Kroschel, William B. Sutton, Christopher J. W. McClure, and Thomas K. Pauley


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