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Angiotensin II Translocation Through a Single Lysenin Nanopore
Nisha Shrestha, Sheenah Bryant, Paul Carnig, Phillip Belzeski, Lauren McDaid, and Daniel Fologea PhD


Understanding VPS35 Mutant Autophagy Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease
Abir A. Rahman, Joshua Albright, Iva Stojkovska, and Brad Morrison


Mechanism of Substrate Recognition in Bjal, a Quorum Sensing Signal Synthase
Nicole Frane, Matthew D. King, Dastagiri Dudekula, Nhu Lam, Owen M. McDougal, and Rajesh Nagarajan


Signal-to-Noise Characteristics of Graphene-Based Cellular Electrodes
Justin W. Stadlbauer, Sepideh Rastegar, Nicole A. Chang, Kari Pribble, Eric Krueger, David Estrada PhD, and Kurtis Cantley


In vitro and In vivo Effects of Novel Doxorubicin Analogs Against Human Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Phil Moon, Ryan Carfi, Don Warner PhD, and Ken Cornell PhD


Consequences of TCDD Treatment on miRNA Expression During Experimental Liver Fibrosis
Cody Gowan, Wendy Harvey, Cheri Lamb, and Kristen Mitchell


Design and Synthesis of Selective Nucleoside Analogs Targeting Bacterial MTN
Hank Dossett, John Thurston PhD, and Ken Cornell PhD


Keynoter, November/December 2015
Boise State University Association of Office Professionals


Student Journalism & Media Literacy
Megan Fromm, Homer L. Hall, and Aaron Manfull

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