Most Recent Additions


HSP III: "Comestor's Hester"
Molley Felte, Joe Green, Amanda Smith, and Margaret Wadley


Campus Farmer's Market
Russell Bridges, Kodi Sims, and Joseph Rush


Black Creek Reservoir Outdoor Classroom
Shaun Wheeler, Maren Watkins, Russell Bridges, and Kristin Araki


Sustainable Solar Options at Boise State University
Lindsey Walters, Michelle Gordon, Toby Mogavero, and Emily Montague


Strategies to Reduce Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Boise Watershed
Cassidy McClelland, Emily McClintock, Matthew Date, and Cassidy Eby


Boise River Posphorus Outreach
Jason Kittridge, Matthew Kintol, Benjamyn Blamires, and Kamay Emele


Mores Creek Watershed Restoration Overview
Sarah Sneider and Joe Thiessen


Wildland Urban Interface Awareness
Carl Anderson, Brian Owen, and Richard Salas


Time Distribution of Faculty Workload at Boise State University
John P. Ziker, Allyanna Wintermote, David Nolin, Kathryn Demps, Matthew Genuchi, and Katie Meinhardt


Defining Honesty: A Qualitative Analysis of the Trait Honesty
Sara Couture, Kim Hayes, Kyle Brasil, Drew Lindgren, Lauren Stephens Stephens, and Jared Talley


It’s Never Been Just for Boys: Female Fans of NCAA Division I and Professional Sports
Bret Andreason, Greg Bauwens, Jeff Braun, Alissa Clark, Mandi Crane, Dan Goodale, Nate Haderlie, Jake Hardee, Kevin Haynes, Rachel Hendershott, Timothy Hibbard, Brittney Johnson, Alishia Jonas, Rachel Lane, Erica Lloyd, Tutulupeatau Mataele, Casey McManus, Audrey Mearns, Kayti Proctor, Nicole Sellars, Troy Ware, and Ryan Watkins


Mediated Voyeurism and Female Sport Fans
Greg Bauwens and Nicole Sellars


MY Team vs. OUR Team: Bandwagon Fan Culture in Sports
Nate Haderlie, Kayti Proctor, Erica Lloyd, Alissa Clark, Audrey Mearns, Tutulupeatau (Deuce) Mataele, and Brittney Johnson


Jersey Chasers’ Playbook: Understanding the Behaviors and Motives of Flirtatious Female Fans
Kevin Haynes, Troy Ware, Dan Goodale, Jake Hardee, Ryan Watkins, and Jeff Braun


Hockey Fan Excitement
Timothy Hibbard and Bret Andreason


Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Help Seeking: Before and After Counseling Experiences
Melissa Hughes, Ahva Mozrafi, Kyle Brasil, Caley Featherstone, and Matthew Genuchi

*Updated as of 04/16/14.