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Mapping Soc Distribution in Semi-arid Mountainous Regions Using Variables From Hyperspectral, Lidar and Traditional Datasets
Ryan M. Will, Shawn Benner, Nancy F. Glenn, Jennifer Pierce, Kathleen A. Lohse, Nicholas Patton, Lucas P. Spaete, and Christopher Stanbery


2015-2016 Data Management Strategic Agenda - Final Report
Michelle Armstrong, Megan Davis, Heather Grevatt, and Amber Sherman


Data Set for Improved Supervised Classification of Accelerometry Data to Distinguish Behaviors of Soaring Birds
Maitreyi Sur, Tony Suffredini, Stephen M. Wessells, Peter H. Bloom, Michael Lanzone, Sheldon Blackshire, Srisarguru Sridhar, and Todd Katzner


Local and Regional Weather Patterns Influencing Post-Breeding Migration Counts of Soaring Birds at the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain
Robert A. Miller, Alejandro Onrubia, Beatriz Martín, Gregory S. Kaltenecker, Jay D. Carlisle, Marc J. Bechard, and Miguel Ferrer

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