Most Recent Additions


Investigating the Role of Methionine 234 in Catalysis by Human Carbonyl Reductase I
Jordan Williams; Sierra Etzler; Michael Brownlee; Darrian Lobato; and Henry A. Charlier, Jr. (Mentor)


An Assay for Blood Parasite Detection in Idaho Golden Eagles (Aquila Chrysaetos)
Alicia N. Wilkening, Stephanie Hudon (Mentor), Eric J. Hayden (Mentor), Julie Heath, and Benjamin M. Dudek


Economic Impact of Agricultural Water Restrictions in Southeastern Idaho
Christa White, Morey Burnham (Mentor), Meg du Bray (Mentor), and Katrina Running (Mentor)


Vegetative Analysis of Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis) Habitat
Aspen S. Welker, Austin DuPuis, Stacey A. Nerkowski, and Lisette P. Waits (Mentor)


Research and Applications of 2D Materials
Tyler M. Webb, Elton Graugnard (Mentor), Steven Letourneau, and Dave Estrada


Synthesis and Characterization of Next-Generation Adenine-Based Inhibitors of Bacterial MTN
Molly E. Vitale-Sullivan, Lacey J. Wayment, Frank Gigray, Dylan Quintana, Christina Lee, Ken Cornell (Mentor), Dong Xu, and John Thurston (Mentor)


Soil Response to Recurring Fire in the Sagebrush Steppe of the Northern Columbia Basin
Ana Velasquez, Leslie Nichols (Mentor), and Marie-Anne de Graaff (Mentor)


Improving Computational Efficiency in Identifying Parsimonious Statistical Models
Joseph L. Valentin, Ken Aho (Mentor), John Edwards (Mentor), Dewayne Derryberry, and Teri Peterson


Completeness Integrity Protection for Outsourced Databases Using Semantic Fake Data
Lois Urizar, Holly Roisum, Kedric Salisbury, Megan Magette, and Jyh-haw Yeh (Mentor)


Expression, Purification and Analysis of Recombinant 3Beta Hydroxy-Sterol Dehydrogenase (NSDHL): A Potential Farnesol Dehydrogenase
Yeliazar V. Tymoshchuk, Tyler Smith, SJ Askaryar, Dallin Harper, Jean-Baptiste Roullet, and Ken Cornell (Mentor)


A Mixed Method Analysis of Gender Disparities in Scientists’ Accounts of Success
Hailee L. Tracy and Dilshani Sarathchandra (Mentor)


Evaluating Crowdsourced Distribution Data: The Portneuf Drainage Amphibian and Reptile iNaturalist Project.
Alejandro Torres, Charles R. Peterson (Mentor), and Patrick D. Giltz (Mentor)


Characterization of Potential Staphylococcus Aureus Vaccine Candidates
Orion L. Thomson-Vogel and Juliette K. Tinker (Mentor)


Synthesis and Characterization of Amino Acid Derived Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bacterial 5'Methylthioadenosine / S-Adenosylhomocysteine Nucleosidase (MTN)
Miranda Y. Tang, Dylan T. Quintana, Ken Cornell (Mentor), Dong Xu (Mentor), and John H. Thurston (Mentor)


Ecology of Lignocellulose Degrading Microbes
Brandi Strand, Jessica A. Lee (Mentor), and Chris Marx


Fusion of Synchronous Fluorescence Spectra with Application to Argan Oil for Adulteration Analysis
Tyler D. Stokes, Mellou Foteini, Brett Brownfield, John H. Kalivas (Mentor), George Mousdis, Aziz Amine, and Constantinos Georgiou


Xylem Anatomy and Hydraulic Conductivity of Psuedotsuga menziesii var. glauca Along an Elevation Gradient
Zane C. Stephenson, Theresa Condo (Mentor), and Keith Reinhardt (Mentor)


Idaho State University Strong Floor Construction for Quasi-Static Testing
Jordan M. Stearns and Mustafa Mashal (Mentor)


Decomposition Food Webs in Nicrophorus Beetles Using Isotope Analysis
Jeremy M. Starkey, Rosemary J. Smith (Mentor), and Gretchen Lohse


Phylogenetic Relationships of Lower Salmon River Oreohelix: The Haydeni Cluster
Tyler Souza, Christine Parent (Mentor), and Mason Linscott (Mentor)


Scanning Tunneling Microscope: 3D Imaging on the Atomic Level
Jake Soares, Elton Graugnard (Mentor), and Steve Hues (Mentor)


Could Yeast Help Us with More Than Just Beer to Survive Stress?
Lindsey Snyder, Slawomir Dziedzic, and Allan Caplan (Mentor)


Effects of Cold Atmospheric Plasma on Cell Adhesion to Graphene Scaffolds
Austin Snyder, Jake Robertson, Jenna Clingerman, Brad Grimm, and Julia Oxford (Mentor)


Effect of Anthracycline and anti-PD-1 Antibody Combination Therapy on Murine Carcinoma
Tyler R. Smith, Dallin S. Harper, Sajjad Askaryar, Yeliazar V. Tymoshchuk, LJ McKenzie, Jerrett Holdaway, Don L. Warner (Mentor), and Ken A. Cornell (Mentor)


Image Training Data Selector 2.0 for FireMAP and Prostate Smears
Gregory Smith, Dale Hamilton (Mentor), and Barry Myers (Mentor)


The Effects Carbohydrate Loading Has on Aerobic Performance
Chad M. Skiles, Ashley L. Aurand, Megan J. Gilmer, and Clay L. Robinson (Mentor)


Computational Modeling of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by Atomic Layer Deposition
Joy Sigurdson, Matthew Lawson, Lan Li (Mentor), and Elton Graugnard (Mentor)


Using Aspartyl Nitrobenzothiazine to Improve Glycoligation Strategy
Tyler R. Siegford, Daniel Collins, Philip Garner, and Darren Thompson (Mentor)


Molecular Damage Delays Gametic Release in Chlamydomonas
Rebecca A. Schmidt, Emily A. Carroll, Steve Stefanides (Mentor), and Sue E. Kane (Mentor)


Identifying Vaccine Targets for Bovine Mastitis
Delaney Sauer and Juliette Tinker (Mentor)


Water Use in the Treasure Valley
Angel Sanabria, Jillian Moroney (Mentor), Jen Schneider, Shawn Benner, Curtis Crandall, and Ana Costa


Passive and Active Loading of Liposomes for Localized Drug Delivery
Caitlin Sall, Nisha Shrestha, Joshua Eixenberger, and Daniel Fologea (Mentor)


Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (2D-TMDs) Studies via Computational Calculations
Ian C. Rivera-Colon, Matthew Lawson, Thiago da Silva, and Lan Li (Mentor)


SNP’s, Snails, and Mountain Trails
Garren L. Riggers, Christine Parent (Mentor), and Mason Linscott


Lava Coils at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve
Caleb Renner and Shannon Kobs (Mentor)


The Effect of Mutation on Age-Related Changes in Protein Aggregation in Daphnia magna
Whitney E. Raver Ms., Leigh C. Latta (Mentor), Shane J. Kinzer Mr., Rhegan C. Humphrey Ms., Sarah A. Eberle Ms., and Djeneba Dezoumbe Ms.


Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy for BioMaterials Research
Jesse Schimpf, Michael Abend, Conner Patricelli, Gunes Uzer, Daniel Fologea, Paul H. Davis (Mentor), and Elton Graugnard

*Updated as of 07/27/17.