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Download HEMINGWAY YEAR: The first major conference of the year brought together an array of authors, scholars, critics, artists, and musicians to examine Hemingway's View of Reconciliation and War. (574 KB)

Download KlLLMASTER: BSU artist John Kill master sets high standards of excellence and nurtures the creative instinct, whether he is in the classroom or the studio. (3.5 MB)

Download DISARMAMENT DEBATE: Paul Warnke and General Niles Fulwyler are two men who have been personally involved in the disarmament issue. They were at BSU to speak at the annual Frank Church Conference on Public Affairs. (9.0 MB)

Download THE MILITARY: The relationship of higher education to the military has been a frequent topic of debate at universities across the country. (9.5 MB)

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UP 4.12

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Spring 1986


Boise State University

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Burke (Editor), Larry, "FOCUS (UP 4.12)" (1986). FOCUS (UP 4.12).

FOCUS (UP 4.12)