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Download UNCHARTED WATERS: A team of BSU scientists and graduate students set sail Feb. 9 for a 41-day voyage to one of the most remote stretches of ocean on Earth. (71 KB)

Download BEYOND SMOKE AND FIRE: The world of firefighting is not only one of heroism and macho pride, it also embraces a culture distinct from that of society as a whole. (66 KB)

Download BRONCO PRIDE GOES WORLDWIDE: The Broncos’ rise to stardom not only captured interest locally, but it also increased fans’ pride worldwide. (108 KB)

Download BRONCOS BASK IN NATIONAL SPTOLIGHT: As the football season heated up, national media, including USA Today and Sports Illustrated, took notice. (141 KB)

Download NO DEBATE: BOTH TEAMS ARE GREAT: Athletics wasn’t the only department to reap the benefits of a stellar season. (94 KB)


The Boise State football team’s regular season opened a “window to the university” for viewers across the nation, highlighting not only BSU’s athletic excellence, but also its academic achievements.

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Spring 2005


Boise State University

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