Harpellales in the Digestive Tracts of Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera Nymphs from Veracruz, Mexico

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This is the first report of Harpellales (Zygomycota) from Mexico, including herein only the endosymbiotic species of gut fungi in the digestive tracts or shed exuviae of Plecopteran and Ephemeropteran nymphs. Four new species are described: Allantomyces zopilotei, Bojamyces olmecensis, Gauthieromyces viviparus and Graminella ophiuroidea. Among previously known Harpellales, Lancisporomyces nemouridarum and Zygopolaris ephemeridarum are southern range extremes and new records for Mexico. All species are illustrated and discussed relating to biogeographic implications of the new reports from Mexico, as well as the particular environmental circumstances of the Harpellales in the tropics.