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Snow depth was calculated for the general area of Reynolds Mountain East in Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed using lidar data collected in November 10-18, 2007 (snow off) and March 19, 2009 (snow on). The raw point clouds were filtered using the BCAL Lidar Tools and then 2007 and 2009 point clouds were georeferenced to each other. The point clouds were then rasterized to 1 m and the 2007 bare earth raster was subtracted from the 2009 snow on raster to create a 1 m snow depth product. ( and

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Funding support was provided by Idaho NSF EPSCoR and under award NSF EPS-0814387.

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*.tif, *.zip

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The *.tif components have been zipped into a single file to facilitate download. The raw point clouds for 2007 and 2009 that were used to create the raster product are available on the Idaho Lidar Consortium (

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November 10-18, 2007 (snow off) and March 19, 2009 (snow on)

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