Submissions from 2014


Private Lives and Interior Spaces: Raja Ravi Varma's Scholar Paintings, Niharika Dinkar


Radical Theatrics: Put-ons, Politics, and the Sixties, Craig J. Peariso

Submissions from 2013


Styleless Style? What Photorealism Can Tell Us About “The Sixties”, Craig J. Peariso

Submissions from 2012

Traditional and Contemporary Bhutanese Thanka Paintings by Phurba Namgay, Kathleen Keys

The Mystery of the Silkworm: Conversations in the Reading Room and Beyond, Janice Neri and Danielle Skeehan

Mothering Curricula, Linda Hoeptner Poling, Anniina Suominen Guyas, and Kathleen Keys


From Caves to Cathedrals: Visual Arts in Ancient and Medieval Texts, Lee Ann Turner

Submissions from 2011


Cultivating Interiors: Philadelphia, China, and the Natural World, Janice Neri


The Insect and the Image: Visualizing Nature in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1700, Janice Neri

Submissions from 2010


Masculine Regeneration and the Attenuated Body in the Early Works of Nandalal Bose, Niharika Dinkar

Books from 2009


Kavousi IIA, the Late Minoan IIIC Settlement at Vronda: The Buildings on the Summit, Leslie Preston Day, Nancy L. Klein, and Lee Ann Turner


Mrs. Delany's Natural History and Zoological Activities: "A Beautiful Mixture of Pretty Objects", Janice Neri

Jelly Fish Pendant Project, Anika Smulovitz

Books from 2008


John Taye: The Quiet Art of Drawing, John Taye, Kirsten Furlong, and Richard Young

Submissions from 1997

Ageing in American Comic Strips: 1972-1992, Heather Hanlon, Judy Farnsworth, and Judy Murray