About ScholarWorks

ScholarWorks is a collection of services designed to capture and showcase all scholarly output by the Boise State University community. These services include:

  • Identifying and making available via the ScholarWorks web site documents and files produced by the faculty, research groups, and students of Boise State University.
  • Creation of SelectedWorks pages which highlight the scholarly accomplishments of each individual faculty member.
  • Distribution of regular reports that provide data on the impact and usage of faculty publications.
  • Access to simple and inexpensive electronic publishing of original series, journals, and monographs.
  • Promotion of research efforts via a searchable database, reports to key administrators and stakeholders, and coordination with other research recognition activities.

Posting a document provides faculty, staff, and students many advantages:

  • Enhances professional visibility and impact through broader dissemination and increased use of research.
  • Supports graduate scholarship by providing public access to theses and dissertations.
  • Provides a quick, effortless, and inexpensive method of sharing research.
  • Helps remove the significant access barriers to research and publicly funded scholarship.
  • Provides substantial support of Boise State‚Äôs scholarly communication efforts by facilitating the entire publishing and dissemination process.
  • Gives researchers information on how often their works are being used through monthly download reports.

For assistance in using the ScholarWorks services or to learn more about the project, please contact:

Library 217